Design, create, earn.

Increase profitability and monetise your created content

What are the opportunities for webmasters

Partner account

Create and manage ad units in your personal account

Online help

A personal manager will help and answer any questions


Statistics data is always available and displayed in real-time


Various payment methods for quick withdrawal of earned funds.

Adaptive blocks

Inventory is customizable to any design and size of your website

Impressions management

Decide which topics to show

Instant download

Fast-loading ad units won’t slow down your site


We check the sites for compliance with the rules on partnership agreements

Long-term cooperation

Site quality and traffic

Affiliate sites moderation: We pre-screen all affiliate sites before adding them to our ad network.

Attendance: To add a site to the affiliate network, its daily attendance is at least 1000 visitors.
Viruses and Blacklists: Our internal analytics tools scan partner sites for viruses and block ads on those sites.

Responsive Design: You can customize the look of the ad to fit in with your website design

Loading speed: Asynchronous loading of a product block does not overload your site.
You don’t lose visitors

Categories management: Select categories of advertisements according to the subject of the site: news, culinary, informational, etc.

Support and advice: Our team provides support and guidance to optimize your ad placement for maximum benefit.

Accruals and withdrawal of funds

We will provide high-income rates and a well-established payment system in a convenient format


Each client is accompanied by a personal manager, providing assistance in preparing, setting up and improving the efficiency of advertising spaces on your sites

Join MEDIABRAMA and discover the world of opportunities to monetize your Internet resources through advertising. Our team is here to help you get the most out of your allocated ad space.

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About us

MediamBrama is a platform that connects advertisers and web resource owners in one convenient environment. Our main goal is to provide quality advertising solutions that benefit both advertisers and webmasters.

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