Content promotion: your path to increased online visibility

In the era of information boom, every website owner strives to attract new readers and increase audience reach. We present you an innovative news promotion system that will become a powerful magnet for your content

Promotion tool features

Rapid dissemination of news

Your news will be involved in the dynamic flow of information on major news sites

Increasing audience reach

Announcing your news on popular resources will make your site more recognisable online and create interest in your site

Adaptive design

Adaptive design of blocks with news announcements looks harmonious and adequate to the general design of your site

Increased monetisation

Increasing your audience makes your site more attractive to advertisers and partners

Become a member of a news promotion network

Join MEDIABRAMA and discover the world of opportunities to monetize your Internet resources through advertising. Our team is here to help you get the most out of your allocated ad space.

Automation of promotional campaigns

Automate the uploading of your website content into your promotional campaigns to get more impact to drive visitors to your sites or projects.

To use the promotional tool, create a news promotion account. Create promotional campaigns and announcements of the materials you want to promote online.

To start using the promotional tool, create an account to promote your content, specify settings for the announcement block on your site by selecting news categories or stop words for unwanted content and install the resulting code on all pages of your site.

Promo materials are shown on major media platforms. Manage the display of promotional campaigns in your personal cabinet by geographical location and visitors.

To use the promo tool for free, install a promo widget on your site, which will show affiliate content, in return, your materials will be shown in such blocks on other partner sites in the network.

Control the statistics of your promotional campaigns in your personal cabinet.

If you do not want to install a promotional widget on your site, you have the opportunity to promote your materials in our network on a paid basis with payment for transitions.

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